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90 Day
Money Back Guarantee

Homeo Flea 18C Flea Repellent For Cats
Each bottle contains a 3 month supply of Flea Repellent for 1-5 cats.
HomeoFlea 18C  $38.95
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We want you to feel confident in purchasing our product, therefore we offer a very generous 90 day money back guarantee. Our goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied.

We have a very generous return policy.  We ask from our customers a few very simple things.

Don't purchase this product expecting it to treat a flea infested home. 
Our remedy is extremely effective at preventing fleas. It has also been shown to be very effective if you have an existing low grade flea problem.
If you see an occasional flea, up to several per day, meaning 2-5 or so, HomeoFlea has shown to be effective. If you see more than 5 fleas per day between all your pets, by using a flea comb, you will have to treat your home.

 There is currently NO flea medication on the market intended to be used on your cat that will threat a home infested with fleas.

If more than 5 fleas per day are seen using a flea comb, your home will have to be treated for ANY flea medication to work, including the toxic commercial pesticides. If you see more than 5 fleas per day, NO product used on the cat will be sufficient, you will also need to treat your home.

Our Homeopathic Flea remedy works with your cat's own energy system. It takes a while to take effect, 3-4 weeks or so, depending on your cat.
Therefore we ask you to use our product as directed for 8 weeks. If at that point you are not happy with the results you have still have another 30 days to initiate a return and get your money back if for any reason you feel not satisfied.

Our part:
We will refund any purchase within 90 days of delivery date (minus shipping and handling)

Your part:
In order to initiate a refund please email us at refunds@homeoflea.com in order to obtain a return authorization number. Once we have received the product back to our facility, the refund will be processed within 4-6 days.

Please note:
A Refund Authorization number Has to be issued for a refund.

If a Refund has been asked for, this excludes the customer from future purchases.

Once the Refund Authorization number has been authorized the package must be postmarked for the return within 6 days.

Any questions or concerns, please email us at info@homeoflea.com

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