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Each bottle contains a 3 month supply of Flea Repellent for 1-5 cats.
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HomeoFlea 18C  $38.95
Homeo Flea 18C Flea Repellent For Cats
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Zero Side Effects, Safe For Kittens
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Homeo Flea: Instructions For Use


Dosing HomeoFlea is not only just easy and pleasant, but completely stress free for both cats and their owners. The homeopathic solution is completely tasteless and odorless.

We invite you to test it for yourself. Or, better yet, taste a couple of pellets, they are completely non toxic.

Use a new, clean, 500 ml bottle of water. Pour off about 20% or so to create a 2 inch air space.

 Dispense 3 pellets into the cap of the remedy bottle (it is best to not touch the pellets with your hands as with all homeopathic remedies, in order to minimize any possibility of interference) and add them to the water bottle. Allow to dissolve.

Once dissolved, forcefully whack the bottom of the bottle a few times on a hard surface such as your countertop. (Shaking will not do.)

Replace all water in your cat's water bowl with the remedy water and use this as your cat's drinking water. Some of the remedy water can also be added to wet or raw food. 1 bottle/3 pellets is sufficient for 1- 5 cats. 

Dosing frequency: Twice weekly. Set two days, Thursday and Sunday for example, and dose on the same days every week. 

Once the pellets are dissolved, the solution remains effective for 3-4 days.
Allow several weeks for the remedy to take effect.

Flea Free and Pesticide Free

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Important Note if your cat has fleas:
If you are finding fleas on your cats, chances are that your home is infested with fleas. For every flea you see on your cat, there is another 90+ waiting to hatch in your environment. HomeoFlea is a powerful deterrent but is not designed to treat a flea infestation.

If your home is infested your home HAS to be treated along with your cats. There is no way around that, no matter what product you use.  The number one reason for a flea eradication program to fail is a lack of understanding of the flea life cycle.

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